I am tired of all the dodgy deals being done under the current Mayor’s leadership. I have the courage, commitment and integrity to get Council and Hamilton back on track. No more dodgy deals. I do not have business or conflicting personal interests that will get in the way of being a great Mayor for Hamilton.

You can trust me to listen to you and then act on your behalf and in the best interests of the city. I am a four-term councillor who has led many great improvements for our city. I am passionate about Hamilton and all who live and work here, and I am ready to be your Mayor - a Mayor you can be proud of.


Sensible money management

Rates increases that are predictable and manageable - linked to cost of living

Rates increases are too high. Other candidates will tell you they will keep rates “affordable” - but we’ve heard that before. You deserve financial certainty, so I will align rates increases with the cost of living in my first term. Innovative thinking and sensible money management will keep rates down without cutting essential and core services.

New ways and new partnerships for funding

Council is not living within its means and is funding projects many of you don’t want. Our growing city needs new infrastructure and facilities AND must look after what we already have. We shouldn't have to choose one or the other. I have new ways and ideas for new partnerships we can use to support the development we need.

No more financial jargon; only truthful explanations and no surprises

I will make it so you can easily understand what is happening, so you can hold Council to account. This will be easy for me to achieve because I do not have a personal or business agenda or any other need to conceal my true intentions - I intend to provide astute governance and truly democratic service to you.

Always remembering that Council works for you

Progress for all, not just growth for a few

People need communities, not just houses; neighbourhoods, not just streets. Not only do I support managed growth; I support progress that benefits our families, our businesses, and our city. Progress means benefits for everyone, not just benefit where the growth is. I believe Council should enable and support balanced progress for all of us, and then get out of the way.

More, easier ways for you to have your say in Council decisions

With me as Mayor, Council will listen to you before making decisions. I will create more, easier ways for you to be heard. This will include digital channels, advisory groups and bringing back the Council’s free City News newsletter, to name a few.

Council is a very large business that needs astute governance by trustworthy people. We must remember that Council must act in the best interests of current and future Hamiltonians, not the egos or personal agendas of elected officials.

Plain English Policy for Council communications

Other candidates will tell you they will be transparent - yet haven’t we heard that one before? I already do this as a Councillor, and will ensure it actually happens when I am Mayor. You will be kept informed and empowered to contribute to city decisions. I will establish a Plain English Policy that will mandate all Council communications in my first 100 days in office.

Celebrating and proudly promoting our city

Waikato River Centre

Let’s get on with building our visitor economy further, to create business opportunities, jobs and entertainment for Hamiltonians and visitors. The Waikato River Centre will be the visible heart of our largest natural resource and visitor destination. Hamiltonians embraced the River Plan in their thousands, yet it has stalled under current leadership. No more dragging the chain. The River Centre will be a huge asset for residents and families, as well as a massive visitor magnet. Along with our awesome Hamilton Gardens, our amazing Hamilton Zoo, and the Waikato Museum, we will truly have a city to be proud of; a city that is entertaining, exciting and welcoming.

Let’s make Hamilton a ‘city of villages’, old and new

I will work to enhance the identities of our local neighbourhoods. We all want our 'local' community to be a safe and friendly place to live in, work in and visit, but older suburban areas are being neglected and newer ones are not getting facilities they need. Suburban business areas need refreshing. Our local places need love and attention. Let's create a city of villages that we can be proud of.

Youth Climate Change Advisory Group

Hamilton is for the Hamiltonians of the future as well as those of today. As Mayor I want to tackle the real issue of our changing climate. Hamilton has never had a policy that addresses this issue but each year the city deals with more effects from extreme weather events. Practically this impacts our infrastructure and our ability to cope during such events. The future belongs to our young people and I will bring together a group with resources and support to build a sustainable and resilient city for their tomorrow.