O'Leary Promise

I am the candidate with the most experience governing our city. In my 12 years as your Councillor, I feel like we have grown up together, and by now you know you can trust me.

As your Mayor, I will lead the city in a way that rebuilds your trust in the Council. This means giving you opportunities to share your ideas and influence the decisions Council makes on your behalf. Chamber debates and voting sessions have often been less than professional, making advocating for you much harder than it should be. My promise is to keep representing you strongly and to lead meetings that focus on city issues in a responsible and appropriate way, providing true transparency and accountability back to you, the residents of Hamilton.

By voting Angela O’Leary for Mayor, you will be voting for someone who sees the current lack of direction, cares about the City’s future, and promises to tackle Council’s current lack lustre performance.

We are the 4th largest City in New Zealand. We have a significant operating budget and a huge responsibility to make good decisions on your behalf, now and for the future. With your vote I will ensure accountability, value and progress during my tenure as Mayor of Hamilton City.

What Matters to Angela?

Purse Strings

This is our city and we should be deciding together what kind of city/place/home we want to build for us, our children and Hamiltonians of the future. The current Mayor’s plan to blow out our city’s debt to over $800 million is wrong. It is beyond what many residents can afford and will leave an unacceptable debt burden to our children.

Under my leadership I promise more opportunities for you to access Council and provide your input; more openness in Council decision making processes; better management of debt, and no more financial jargon.


Hamilton is a city of and for enterprising people. As your Mayor, I will create an environment in which we can explore and build exciting new opportunities and ideas and make them a reality.

I will support and encourage communities, business and business enterprise to continue building a diverse and inclusive city. Hamilton is made up of all sorts of people with all sorts of ideas and needs. Let’s embrace that! I want Hamilton to be ‘Our City Together’. No one should be left behind.


I want to build communities, not just houses. I want to live in a neighbourhood, not just a street. Hamilton is much more than just the CBD, yet many of our communities feel they have been forgotten. Older suburbs are looking run down and neglected while newer suburbs have not received the facilities they need.

The Mayor’s present notion that “growth pays for growth” is short sighted and has driven away investment, investment we need to drive progress, to innovate, to build our homes, and create our jobs. We need a fair and balanced approach to growth and amenities to make sure that everyone shares in the city’s progress and wellbeing, regardless of which suburb they call home.